GWLN’s graduates are transforming hundreds of thousands of lives globally by working with local communities in over 40 countries. As part of the application process for the Women Leaders for the World (WLW) program, candidates submit a project that they will implement as part of their leadership program. The focus of the projects for some of the participants in the WLW Class of 2015 include:

  • Empowering women through economic opportunities
  • Increasing girls' and youth access to education in Nepal and Keny
  • Improving women and reducing maternal mortality rates in Mexico and Argentina
  • Rescuing women from human trafficking and the sex trade in India
  • Developing and mentoring women to run for political office in Kenya


WLW participants rely heavily on the generosity of sponsors and donors in order to attend the program. Most work in high poverty countries where women and girls are marginalized and face discrimination.*We invite you to make a gift to the GWLN Education Fund to support women's leadership and ignite global change around the world.

Here are a few examples of how your gift may be used:

  • Full Scholarship for One - $7500
  • Half Scholarship for One - $3750
  • Technology Applications - $2000
  • Coaching Sessions - $1500
  • Curriculum Development - $1000


If you are interested in sponsoring a women leader for a future WLW program, please contact Martine Bolsens-Peetermans, WLW Program Manager at Learn more about the women leaders who are currently in the WLW Class of 2015.

*The majority of WLW participants live in countries that are ranked in the bottom half of 136 countries measured by the World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Index.

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